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Learning for Growth and Development International-LearningGDI-is an organization created by a group of professionals who offer many years of work experience in Africa, the Middle-East and Europe.

This website is being launched with the intention that it will inform you about who we are and what we do. The site is laid out in such a manner that will allow interested parties to browse through and find the sections most relevant to their needs and the contact details of the relevant
LearningGDI department.

Instructorís section gives a profile of each of our founding instructors including a brief bio and an indication of their respective areas of expertise. The Learning page lists the various options available to organizations and individuals including arrangements for both On-Site Training and Distance-Learning. Our initial subject Training areas focus on Business Skills, Career Development, Professional English Communication, Human Resources and Management Training. In addition to training we also offer Team-Building Exercises, further information on our Team-Building Services can be found at the bottom of the Learning page.

LearningGDI can place an instructor anywhere in the world at a reasonable price at the clientís convenience.

On the
Testimonialís page acknowledgements from various organizations and individuals attesting to the professionalism and ability of the LearningGDI Instructors can be found. Indeed the range of renowned and well known organizations commending LearningGDIís Instructorís services reassures existing and potential clients alike.

LearningGDI appreciates the value of local knowledge when it comes to knowing what suits best in a particular country therefore rather than adopt an Ďall size fitsí approach we have begun to create an agency network. Our Agentís page provides full information on how to apply to become an agent LearningGDI Agent. All LearningGDI Agents are supported by comprehensive ongoing training, marketing initiatives and prompt responses to enquiries as well as timely payment of generous commissions.

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